Looking for a venue in Kingston?  Do you want to host training sessions, seminars, business meetings, workshops, conferences, lectures or even concerts?

The Richard Mayo Centre, located in a well equipped and maintained Grade II Listed Building, has a wide range of options to suit your requirements.

Take a look at the facilities we can offer, download our Welcome Pack or call us now on 0208 549 1888

The Centre is available for bookings between 9am and 5pm every day (except Sundays when in use by the church) and 7pm to 10pm weekdays.

Who was Richard Mayo? Richard Mayo was Vicar of Kingston Parish Church who was deprived of his living in 1662 under the Act of Uniformity. He subsequently founded an Independent Presbyterian church which was the forerunner of Kingston United Reformed Church. He is therefore regarded as the ‘father’ of our church and we perpetuate his memory in the name of our Centre.